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I debated with myself about writing any conjecture about Patience Worth, knowing that she herself was reluctant to discuss her origins and after all this web site was supposed to be only about her poems. I can hear her now commenting on the above as she did many times about something she had written, " 'Tis but a piddle!" I think that I agree! But--- piddle or not maybe it IS important to know who and what she was, because if she really was a spirit either disembodied or embodied as a past life of Pearl Curran, that has serious implications for all of us now, both the living and the dead. Her works provide perhaps, some irrefutable proof that there may be some other dimension into which one crosses after life on earth.
"I be a dame atruth, and I tell thee the word o' wag that shall set thy day, meaneth anaught but merry to me. Hark! I put a murmur o' thy day, for at the supping o' this cup the earth shall murmur so.

"Tis but the chatter o' a wag! Aye, the putting o' the mad! "Tis piddle! Yea, the trapping o' a fool! Yea, 'tis but the dreaming o' the waked! Aye, the word o' a wicked sprite! Yea, and telleth naught and putteth naught!

"And yet, do harken unto me. They then shall seek to taste the brew and sniff the whiffing o' the scent; ayea, and stop alonger that they feast! And lo, 'twill set some asoured, and some asweet; aye and some, ato, shall fill them upon the words THEY do to put o' me, and find them filled o' their own put, and lack the room for eat o' the loaf o' me. 'Tis piddle, then! Aye, and yet I say me so, 'tis bread, and bread be eat though it be but sparrows that do seek the crumb. Then what care ye? For bake asurely shall be eat!"
Casper Yost in his book, Patience Worth, A Psychic Mystery, quoted Patience Worth to say:
Casper Yost continues by saying "This is a point she often makes, and strives earnestly to impress---that whatever she may be, whatever the world may think she is, there is substance in her words. It is bread, and will be eaten, if only by the sparrows. So, she is content. "

Comments by Patience Worth: