Behr, Herman, "Light From Beyond". New York, New York: Patience Worth Publishing Co., 1923.
Primarily a book of early poems by Patience Worth compiled by Herman Behr who was present during the delivery
of some of the poetry.
Litvag, Irving, "Singer in the Shadows: The Strange Story of Patience Worth". New York, New York; The Macmillan Company, 1972.
A very readable overview of the Patience Worth story. I would recommend that this book be read first.
Look for the new edition.
Prince, Walter Franklin, "The Case of Patience Worth". New Hyde Park, New York:
University Books, 1927.
I think that this is the best book available about the Patience Worth story up to 1927. Dr. Prince was present
at some of the sessions with Patience Worth and provides in this book, first-hand knowledge of what occurred.
Dr. Prince includes a vocabulary of Patience Worth, poems, extracts from novels, stunts of composition, comments by
Mrs. Curran, criticisms, explanations and much other information.
Worth, Patience, "The Sorry Tale", New York, New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1917.
This is a literary masterpiece by Patience Worth. Difficult at first to understand but full of sights, sounds and
smells of Rome and Palestine at the time of Jesus and well worth the effort it takes to understand it. Don't give up!
Worth, Patience, "Hope Trueblood", New York, New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1918.
An interesting story of an orphaned girl in Victorian England---relatively easy to read. It would be great on
Masterpiece Theater.
Yost, Casper S., "Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery". New York, New York: Henry Holt and Company 1916 and Santa Fe, New Mexico: Sun Publishing Company, 1996
Written by Casper Yost, who was also present at many of the sessions with Patience. It contains a smattering of poems
conversations, exerpts of novels and some of the Patience Worth philosophy as well as general early information
about the case. (The 1996 edition by Sun Publishing is really a shoddy edition. Some of the pages are incomplete
and the cover is in error in that it credits the book to Charles Yost.)