Teach me. Teach me!
Let me never become so old
That my ears are not pits.

Teach me. Teach me!
Let every man become my teacher,
Let every sorrow speak deeply.
Let every joy inscribe me.

Teach me. Teach me!
For if I stop listening,
I shall stop forever!
Yea, the writing of the ages
Speaks Eternity as ever
Listening, ever waiting.

Teach me. Teach me!
Let me ne'er forget that I am a child;
That tomorrow is a secret,
A joyful secret, not yet imparted;
That Yesterday was a plaything
Which I loved, but left
Upon a pathway within a shadow.

Teach me. Teach me---
That I am a little child!
Let me be forever learning,
Ne'er forever yearning!