1. He who lacketh the power to rage, damneth silently and rotteth his own heart.
  2. No wisdom is a useful thing save it hath a pair of hands that are fit for working.
  3. Mind is a brat sitting beside the knee of wisdom, and may not speak truly, for it hath not learned.
  4. I could doubt God save that I doubted man.
  5. Man loses the zest of the game in the sorting of the discuses.
  6. "If" is as the instant of waking, the blotter of all dreams.
  7. Dost thou present a briared path, then the babe shall become scratched.
  8. Ye may not come unto the mart unless ye trudge the way.
  9. Mourning is the decking of self.
  10. No beggar is so blind as he who hath love's fingers on his eyes.
  11. Wise men lisp learning; fools shout folly.
  12. The goose knoweth where the bin leaketh.