1. Busy filleth empty.
  2. No man is wearied sorer than he who is weary of himself.
  3. A babe without a wail is like a dog without a tail.
  4. There is a difference between one who rideth his tongue and one whose tongue rideth him.
  5. Each man wrappeth his thought within his own egotry and calleth the brat a new name.
  6. Give me not wisdom enough to understand the universe, but folly enough to tolerate it.
  7. Humility is not a clout for the beggar, but a kingly robe for the mighty.
  8. The legs of wisdom are still bent from crawling.
  9. You may not mend a split head by being sorry.
  10. Jealousy is the blade that slays love.
  11. Let a wise man set to lovering and the apple of his wisdom rots.
  12. No man whose belly is soured thinketh sweet.
  13. He who hath faith hath the pence to buy eternity.
  14. When a fool becomes wise he falls silent.