Who would pray, let him then
Make his prayer the sheathe of the sword,
And not the sword. Let him then
Make his prayer the goblet to contain the wine,
Yet not the wine. Let him then
Make his prayer a casket of alabaster
In which to keep the jewel, not the jewel.

Prayer is the vessel of God
To contain its dealing. It is not
A cajoling power. Prayer then
Is the linen upon the altar and the goblet
Upon the linen, not the altar.
Prayer then is the living sacrifice
Before it is slain, not the burnt offering.
Prayer is a declaration of life,
Not an acclamation of death.
Prayer is joy, not sorrow. It is
The blood of laughter, not of tears.
Prayer is the raiment of sorrow;
It is the pillow of joy. It is
The pedestal of exultation. It is
The intoxication of consciousness of the kinship,
Else it is not prayer.